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the jennu brand

our vegan promise.

Jennu has dedicated itself to offering outstanding vegan leather handbags that are perfect for any occasion. They are 100% vegan, meaning that no animal leather is used in the creation of these bags, and they are ecologically friendly and sustainable.

Why vegan?

If you are a person who wants to look her absolute best, then a handbag is a great accessory. It not only becomes the perfect way to carry your items, such as car keys, wallet, makeup, tissue, and much more but also gives you a stylish piece that can go with your outfit and make you look even more fabulous.

Some, they want to make a statement with their handbag. They not only wanted to look great but to be a representation of their beliefs in their character. Then there are some who just want a quality bag that looks great. This is why the vegan leather handbag is perfect, regardless of why you want a handbag.

what is vegan leather?

If one is going to see the benefits of a vegan leather handbag, it is important to understand what this product exactly is. Vegan leather is often made from polyurethane, which is a type of polymer that is made specifically by designers. This is made out of such products as cork, Apple peels, pineapple leaves, and other waste from fruits. Plus, it can include recycled plastic and other products that do not use any form of animal skin in the creation.

This is what separates vegan leather from traditional types of leather. There is no animal skin involved at all, giving those who want to make a statement the ability to have a fashionable and durable leather handbag without needing to use any type of animal skin to be able to produce the product. This makes it suitable for the planet and for the animals, as well as for those who want to support their goals.