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So, now you know what it is made of. Now it is time to talk about why you should choose a vegan leather handbag over traditional leather handbags. There are many reasons, but here are five of the best.


Let’s start with the most obvious. No cowhide or any animal skin is used to produce the leather that is used to make these handbags. They are completely cruelty-free. No animals were slaughtered, or skin as the hide is obtained from the use of plants and recycled plastic.

One of the things that are often lost in traditional leathers is that an animal suffers for that leather to be produced. It is held on a ranch or farm somewhere, given little freedom to roam. Then, without warning, the animal is violently slaughtered to create the leather. Who wants that on their conscience?


One of the things that people are most concerned about when purchasing something like a leather handbag is its durability and sustainability. After all, these types of handbags are not cheap. One wants to know that they can depend on it to last for years to come.

These vegan leather handbags are up to the task. They are durable and meant to last you for years. Plus, they are a sustainable product. Because recycled waste is the primary ingredient for the creation of this leather, there is no concern about the ability to continue to produce this type of vegan leather. Plus, it helps to protect the planet and reduce waste throughout the globe. That makes it sustainable for the industry as well as for the planet in general.


Whenever a new type of style or textile is used to create a product, there is a limitation on the different types of styles and varieties you can find. This is not the case with vegan leather. It can be used in the same way that one would use any other type of leather. This means that there is a multitude of handbags that one can purchase, and all of them look great.

The variety also means that you can find a vegan leather handbag that is suitable for any occasion. Whether you need one for formal attire or you need a bag while you are out in the wilderness, you can find one that is ideal. Many are using these bags to take with them to school, to work, or when out with friends. It provides you with the ultimate choice.

build quality

Because of its durability and sustainability, this is a quality product. What many do not consider is that vegan leather and real leather have the same texture and roughness. If you are switching to vegan leather, you are not losing any of the feel and durability that you would normally have from real cowhide leather. You get everything you are looking for in terms of its quality.

However, there are great benefits and quality that come from using vegan leather. Because it is a more adaptable fibre, it has a greater capacity to store pigment. This means that it is far less likely to reduce or be impacted by weather conditions. You will find that your money is well spent, as these bags will last you for years and will look great wherever you go.


Let’s be honest. One of the primary reasons why people choose leather handbags is because they like the luxurious look it provides. These are sensational bags because of the style, durability, and perceived value of the leather.

Vegan leather handbags provide all of that and more. They are made of sustainable leather, and you can appeal to those around you with your ethical stance against the torture and slaughter of cows. You will set yourself apart from many others within your social circle and will be able to have a beautiful handbag that is ideal for any occasion and allows you to be guilt-free.