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About us

JENNU is a vegan, sustainable, contemporary accessories brand based out of Georgia, USA. Our mission is to empower fashion lovers to make responsible and sustainable choices when shopping for their must-have accessories.

The materials we use have the feel and look of leather but are much more ecological than using traditional animal leather. Our materials are long-lasting, ensuring you will enjoy your pieces for years to come.

We have a full line of fashion-forward and contemporary styles that spread the message of confidence, creativity, and joy.

globally inspired

One of the things we have done in the creation of the handbags we offer is to associate the style of the bag with great cities across the globe. Certain memories or ideas pop into our heads whenever we think of a particular city. New York is glamorous. San Francisco is the gateway. Paris is rich in romance.

Each of our bags is named after a city, specifically designed, and crafted to match the city for which they are named after. This helps you to have a stylish bag that will be perfect for the right occasion. For example, the Manhattan handbag is a small, stylishly designed bag that is ideal for a night on the town, an excursion through the city, a walk-through Central Park, or heading to work. It easily fits your side and has a secure strap that makes you feel confident when carrying. Plus, it looks great, going with any outfit.

This is just one of the examples of beautifully designed vegan leather handbags available at Jennu. We are dedicated to providing quality products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. However, we also want our customers to have the best-looking handbag or other accessories. At Jennu, you can have it all!